TR100 L

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    Product Description

    Optional avaible
    Y Axis carriage automatic movement
    5 KW Engine
    PLC & Touch-screen, manage Wheel effort & Working method Database
    Smoke aspirator circuit
    Hydropneumatic or Hydraulic wheel descent
    Start ramp & RPM visualizer by means of the Inverter
    Internal Light
    Technical dataTR 100 L with base
    Max cutting diameter (mm)150
    Wheel diameter (mm)350
    Distance Axis / Plane (mm)320
    Motor power (kW)3,7 (5 opt.)
    Tank capacity (l)100
    Power supply (V)380 or 220* or 460* three-phase
    Weight (kg)280
    Dimensions (mm) L/H/P900/1370/1465